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About Herd Improver

Herd Improver taps into well-established science used by top animal breeders worldwide — it is an Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) app.

An Estimated Breeding Value (EBV) is a computed prediction of how strongly an animal is likely to pass on its traits to its progeny. “Estimated” in no way means “guesswork” but rather that genetic values cannot be measured directly.

Herd Improver — by the creators of Optimate AlpaFarm and Alpacas on the Go — is the affordable solution in the Cloud that calculates EBVs for breed improvement.

Anyone can participate in Herd Improver. No herd is too large or too small. Small breeders can still assess the genetic prowess of their handful of animals, and compare with other animals and herds — privately and anonymously.

You will see value both immediately (via reports) and after only one or two generations (via improved animals), and animal data are protected on an encrypted site.

Our Services

Herd Improver is open to all animals and herds, whatever the species or breed, and no matter whether registered or unregistered.

Open To All

Your animals and you don’t have to belong to an association to use our service. In fact, the less restrictive membership is, the better Herd Improver will work for you as not only will it compare your animals with each other, but also against all other animals in the system, no matter their origin.


Your animal data are viewable by you in detail, but anonymised for all other users. Likewise, other breeders’ animals are not identifiable to you.


EBVs are well-established and invaluable data for serious breeders. Herd Improver is a private and low cost commercial application any breeder can use to improve their herd, and ultimately, their profit margins. Show ribbons indicate outstanding aimals at one show on one day; EBVs identify outstanding animals nationally and internationally over years and generations.


All users will receive reports detailing how their animals rate for individual traits. These reports will be regular but scheduled (eg weekly), as the maths and number-crunching is quite intense.


the creators of Optimate AlpaFarm and Alpacas on the Go

Written By

Philip Prohm and Nestor Prohm, two people who not only know what the scary formulae do, but who can also implement them to improve your herd!


  • Whole Herd Introductory Offer

  • $ 60

    per year

  • For Any Number of Animals

Coming Soon

Herd Improver is in the final stages of development. Please fill in the form below for notifications when available, and/or to ask any questions, and/or to request specific traits be added to the Herd Improver app.

Herd Improver

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